I’m an artist and need ideas!

So I’m an aspiring comic book illustrator (if we are being specific, I want to become an inker). I’m 14 (turning 15 in 4 months) and I want to practice anatomy, costumes, etc. drawing DC characters. I’ve only been drawing for about 3 years so my art skills still need work. I may not make these super detailed but any ideas would be super awesome!!

You can request your favorite characters, least favorite, even non DC characters (just keep it PG please)


This is a more simplistic style I use

I also do more detailed pieces like this one :smiley:


You should probably practice some action poses if you want to be a comic book artist. Maybe you can try your favorite character doing a kick or the like? -C


Your art style is developing well — it’s quite distinctive! Could I see a drawing of The Question?


That would be really fun actually!

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Aaaa I didn’t expect to get replies so quickly! Thank you for the advice mate :3


This was my first time drawing him so I’m sorry if it seems a little wonky but thank you so much for the idea! It was fun to try and draw a character without a face but try to include a serious expression. I wasn’t sure what to do for the pose lol but I hope that you like it!!

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It’s currently 4am here so it’s a bit rushed but I want to finish it tomorrow. I sketched a pic of Damian Wayne (Robin) doing a sorta kick thing. Thanks for the idea!!

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