I Love the Looney Tunes Meet DC Comics

they remind me of my youth and are so cool that that they have like a normal dc comic style part AND the cartoon comic style


thanks that is so nice im new but im a super fan of dc

The Marvin/J’onn one is my favorite.

i would say the harley and gossmar is my favortie​:smile:

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but they should do a poison ivy one with the witch or a a bugs bunny and harley quinn

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I would put Quinn with Lola and Ivy with that giant farmer.

yes that would so like smart and cool but the farmer do you mean the chicken or a another charter

He was a giant farmer with a giant dog. Bugs raided his giant carrot patch.

o now i remember no cap it is paul bunion

they should do one with k9 the martin dog and ace and krpto