'I Like ... Bats ...'

… although this bit of recent news might be a little too much for even the cinematic Vicki Vale:

According to the below article, as part of DC’s celebration of 80 years of Batman, they’re planning to release a swarm of 1.5 million bats at SXSW in Austin, TX.


I suppose they’re guano have a good time… :slight_smile:


Rabies! Rabies for everyone! :smiley:

No seriously though that’s really cool.

I wish they would do something cool for Supergirl’s 60th too in May, but it looks like it’s going to be zip. Not even a 60th anniversary alt-cover in the solicitations. :confused: All I can hope for now is a movie reveal, but I am doubtful.

Maybe DCU can do something for her 60th?


I’d definitely rather they release 1.5 million girls.

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Errr… did they capture 1.5 million bats just for this event? I’m concerned.

My apartment gets bat visitors regularly during their active seasons, and I try to escort them gently outside but sometimes they don’t behave. Last summer, one refused to land or let me capture it so I opened all these windows and it just kept flying around oblivious. I was like “JUST GO OUT THE WINDOW, IT’S RIGHT THERE. I thought you were the world’s greatest detective!”

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Bats are cool I have a bat box in my backward

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“Those aren’t birds. They’re bats. Giant vampire bats.”


Been in the barn with about 50 to 100 vampire bats They rescue them Side note I live have brown bats living in my backward

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There are already millions of Batman’s that live in Austin. I have been there when they fly out of the cave at sundown. It is awesome.


lol that title… I feel like watching a zombie express their like for turtles again :stuck_out_tongue: Wow, though, that’s going to be an amazing sight! Always wanted to see one in person since hearing a relative of mine found on in their house lol

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