I don't understand DC thinking

DC is working on a new line for young readers next year That’s fine and good. What doesn’t make sense is some of the characters they chose to use John Constantine is not a character meant for young leaders but they choose to make it so it makes absolutely no sense


Readers not leaders

There doing the same thing with Swamp Thing.

The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher: A Johnny Constantine Graphic Novel

Somebody must be either really high or really drunk for this to have happened.


Possibly both

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You are right there

I think it’s just a way to get younger folks into the world, I don’t think they’ll completely change Constantine, but just use him in the regard for kids. It’s not something I think older folks should worry about it’s just a kids book


What’s wrong with having a kids’ take on any of these characters? I don’t quite understand the concern.

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I’m on the skeptical side. If I was ignorant of the world of comics and let my kid read a cutesy kid adventure book about Constantine and then bought him a regular Constantine book without checking it’s contents and saw any number of the many non-kid friendly things in Constantine, I’d be annoyed.

It’s actually a larger problem for the comic book medium. They’ve been focusing on more adult comics since the eighties, but they’ve done this at the expense of the younger markets. There’s really nothing there for them if you want to shield your kid from cursing, sex or extreme violence. It would be good if they had some sort of transitional books, but even so, I wouldn’t transition a kid from Constantine as early Harry Potter to Constantine who will send your soul to Hell for a pack of smokes. Then need some kid friendly and inbetween content that will guide you to adult level but cleanish comics in the long run. At least that’s how I’d want to structure it.

I mean, I won’t read it, but it’s just a different take on the character. It’s weird, for sure, but I get it. DC wants to branch out and try something new, and in comics that’s always a plus.

Also, it’s written by Ryan North, and I trust him to do well for Constantine.

Why this character A cancer smoking demon fighting character. Why is this character changed so much
That it is now appropriate for kids It not make any sense

John Constantine was on Justice League Action, which aired Saturday Mornings on Cartoon Network and was supported by toys, McDonald’s Happy Meals and other merchandise.

That said, JC never made it into the merch, aside from maybe an inclusion in marketing artwork for the home video releases of JLA.

Somebody at DC, as well as Warner Brothers Animation, doesn’t object to including him in other media. So long as they eschew the chain smoking that is.

If the book in question is aimed at teenaged and older audiences, I don’t see a problem. More teens would do well to be interested in a character like John than some of the other stuff that comes their way.

Maybe it’d inspire them to get into magic, the study of history, ancient cultures and so on.


Look, so long as it’s not a “reimagining” of Dangerous Habits, we’ll all be fine.

John has been on Legends for a while. He can be done in a 13 and undefeated way. Eliminate the cussing and prevent him from actually smoking, which LoT has done, he’s a fit in that realm. Especially if they team him up with Z. She keeps him in check well.

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To be fair, Zee keeps everyone in check.

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It’s just for kids, it’s not like that’s going to be his canonical style. In that case anger is warranted.
Look at DC superhero girls, many villains are just made out to be annoying high school kids and that doesn’t affect them in other media and kids have something to watch and be engaged, as they grow they’ll figure it out

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My thought isn’t that the character will change in the comics but that it’s a weird gateway character to comics. It’s like, “We want more kids to read our comics. Let’s do a nice Preacher book for young readers.”

Kind of weird.

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It is weird though, but it’s probably not the only book they do. Got to present a wide variety of characters, you never know what sticks

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I laughed when I saw they chose john constantine.

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