I DID IT! I Solved DC's Ezra Miller Problem

Alright, so, generally speaking, I haven’t been opposed to recasting characters. If we couldn’t recast characters, we never would’ve had Matt Lanter redeem the Star Wars franchise. But I know many people, including many studio executives, don’t share my view. So I think I’ve found a solution to DC’s Ezra Miller problem that makes everyone happy. I’m gonna be totally honest and say, No one actually knows why there are two Wally Wests. I think the old one was… Lost in time, and the timeline like, grew a new one? I also think someone might’ve… Reversed the polarity? Of… The Speed Force? I don’t know. But what if that happened to Barry? What if the Ezra Miller Barry was like, lost in time, and the timeline grew a new one? That way, there’s even a path to bringing Miller back if they’re ever rehabilitated. I don’t really like to talk about this kind of thing, so I probably won’t come back to this thread, but I wanted to put this out there.


A problem that could probably be easily solved by just ignoring the change of actor like what they did with Rachel Dawes from Katie Holmes to Maggie Gyllenhaal.

You’re idea sounds interesting, but I would much perfer a Flash movie about a older Barry Allen teaching Wally West. I just want to forget everything about this iteration of the Flash. Ignoring the actor’s misadventures across Hawaii, let’s just be honest and say that they were a poor choice for Barry Allen.


Rebooted universe= new Flash. Barry Allen or Wally West- either way, the next time we see him on screen he’ll be portrayed by a new actor.


Man, remember when movies and TV shows would just…recast characters without having to worry about explaining it? They might make a joke about something being different but then just ignore it

On a more serious note, I think The Flash movie beat you to it. That movie already reset/reboot the DCU. And while I highly doubt that they will make a direct sequel to that movie, if they do it will just be an Elseworlds story like Joker or The Batman


good times


At no time did I buy Ezra Miller as any iteration of Barry Allen. Incredibly poor casting on the part of Zack Snyder. If and when James Gunn gets around to introducing The Flash in The DCU, I hope it is Wally West. The current movie, and the last four or five years of the TV show, have soured me on Barry Allen. And that is a shame, but that’s what happens when comic book translations to other media go too far afield from the original source material.
Thanks, DCEU for ruining one of my childhood icons!