I definitely want a new spectre, phantom stranger, dr fate and Constantine series!

Hopefully dc gives us new series on characters
Iike the spectre, phantom stranger, dr fate, Constantine etc. down the road. I’m a huge fan of the dark and mystical side of the dc Universe! Does anyone agree?


A short Video about the Spectre is in the Movies/TV Section, in Shazam/Superman Entry. There are actually four short films there. Shazam, Spectre, Green Arrow and Jonah Hex.

Use index at end of Movie/TV page. Videos are in alphabetic order.

Spectre segment starts around 24:30 minutes.

The film is very noir. It is a murder mystery, with an element of romance. Jim Corrigan is a detective in Hollywood. The Spectre toys with his criminals before executing them.


@turoksonofstone I know I have already watched that it was dope. I want some more comics of him


So do I.

I liked very much the work of writer Michael Fleisher and artist Jim Aparo in Adventure Comics 431 through 440, known per Wikipedia for ‘‘gruesome, albeit bloodless violence’, "showing criminals being transformed from broken glass to melting candles .’ it has not been a trade because of that, as the series was canceled because of this approach.

A mini series using unused scripts was published in 1988. I missed it.

There were other versions after that but the only stuff in print is two Graphic Novel Traded by the great John Ostrander, a former theology student.

Then of course, Hal Jordan was Spectre for a time.

Crispus. Allen was a later host.

Jim Corrigan appeared in the New 52, which I missed.


I forgot, on September 2nd, 2018, at the Toronto Fan Expo, it was reported by Bleeding Cool that DC was to publish two new series:

The Spectre by Pete Tomasi

Hawk and Dove by Steve Orlando.

No artists on these series was named.

There has been no news since then, so it may be a rumor… Reddit reported it as such, but discussed all three characters.

Also Spectre writer Michael Fleisher died, in February, reported by CBR.com on March, 15 2018. He was 75 and also known for writing Jonah Hex

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If you’re not reading Justice League Dark both Constantine and Doctor Fate play significant roles though they’re technically guest stars (I think Constantine has been in every issue though).


I love all these characters, but the one I want the most in a new series is The Phantom Stranger. Back in the early 70’s Len Wein and Jim Aparo put together a short, but incredible, run of Phantom Stranger stories. Issue #17, “Like a Ghost From The Ashes”, was the best of the bunch. If you are a fan of the magical corner of the DCU, you must read amazing comics. And now in the present with the crack in the Source Wall screwing all the magic in the DCU, I want to see how this phenomenon has affected The Phantom Stranger.


They have a Dr. Fate comic on here also 8 issues. I’m with u tho. I’m a huge fan of the magical realm of DC. Zatanna, Etrigan, Klarion the with boy & his familiar Teekle, Swamp thing, madame xanadu, all the justice league dark characters & even the lesser known like Sir Justin the shining knight with his trusty steed winged victory, Moragaine Le Fey etc. etc. etc.

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