Hydro #4

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Hydro #4

Dark Atlantis 4 years later Triton is 15 now.

Officer: Hail!
Soldiers: Hail!

(The soldiers are more mature now. The outfit is similar but more buffed out. The side red has been joined on some soldiers by a black center stripe. Triton and Moray are among them. )

O: A-rank soldiers come here. Everyone else is dismissed.
(The lines break ranks. The Black center striped soldiers walk forward.)

O: Hail!
S: Hail!

O: Soldiers, it has come time for us to choose the best among you to serve as the lead officer of the king. This is the moment many of you have prepared your whole life for, and the trials will test every aspect of you that the king cares about. You will have 3 months to prepare, so I recommend you put in extra hours. Is that clear?

S: Hail!!
O: You are dismissed.

Waller’s Office (Assassin in chains)

(From the assassin’s perspective)

Wha- where am I? (realizes and starts throbbing to get out)

Hydro: Breath, it’s just me.
A: Leave me alone.
H: I’m here for you, I thought you were dead and now I’m-
A: I said leave me alone. You’re better off without me.
H: On the contrary, I was at my best with you.
A: I said leave me alone.
H: Well, I’ll come back in an hour. (Gets up to leave)
A: Wait!! … Nevermind.

Dark Atlantis 3 Years Earlier Triton is 12

M: The trick is to keep your trident on the offensive. Your opponent can’t attack if you’re in his face. Let’s try again, but focus on your strike speed.

(Triton and Moray fight in a circle. Triton is sloppy and Moray could easily destroy him, but Moray plays it easy.)

M: That was a lot better. Now get some sleep, you’re going to need it.

(Triton leaves. Moray sits down and cries. The water is Blue and sad)

Waller’s Office
(Hydro’s perspective. The three scars down the Assassin’s face are especially notable)
H: Are you ready?
A: No
H: Well, just let me talk.
A: …
H: Sending that trident into you was the worst thing I ever did. I have never been remotely okay with what I did, but I didn’t really have a choice. After the fight, I thought you were dead. Clearly I was wrong though.
A: You got one thing right.
H: Which is?
A: I should be dead, practically am.

Dark Atlantis 1 year later. Triton is 16

(Moray and Triton are training in a circle. Moray is on the defensive trying to survive. Triton is confident and sure of himself. A look he hasn’t portrayed in the future or past of this scene.
Triton wins. The dorms. Same look, same room)

M: Good job
T: Yeah, you to.

M: Round 2 begins tomorrow.
T: Yeah, You’ll do fine though. You’ve never lost to him.
M: Well hopefully tomorrow won’t be a first.
T: I sure hope not.

(Moray takes off Triton’s armor. It’s more habit then necessity. They swap. Triton takes off Moray’s armor. Moray then takes off undershirt. He has an 8 pack. He’s hot real hot. Triton is less hot, still has an 8 pack but it’s from his point of view.)

T: Hey Handsome. Happy Anniversary. (Moray takes off Triton’s shirt.They kiss. Triton lies onto his bed, Moray follows. This has been going on for the last two years.)

Dark Atlantis 3 years earlier
Moray: Good Luck! (Triton and Moray embrace as friends.)
Triton is geared up in all black with a big letter F which is red.

Dark Atlantis
(Moray is behind a gate into a coliseum. He’s wielding a trident and wearing all black with a Big red A.)

Dark Atlantis Three Years Ago
Triton does the same thing but with an F.

The two wield sword and when gate opens run. Young Triton is more clumsy and Opponent is more clumsy. Moray craves the fight. He’s strong, aggressive, confident. Triton is more scared.
Triton nearly gets hit. His heart beats blazing fast. Moray’s heart slows down. Moray runs to charge. Triton walks backwards in retreat. Opponent trips. Moray swings overhead. Both of them have their tridents aimed at the next so to say I win.

Waller’s Office
H: After I “won”, I nearly killed myself.
A: Not surprised.
H: Dang what’s happened to you and your attitude” Did you not think about me in all those years.
A: I did for a while, but I now have other things to think about.
H: Moray, I still love you.
A: in one life, I did still.
H: Look, I was so sorry for what I did.
A: Would you have been okay with the reverse?

A: yeah, you wouldn’t.
H: I```

A: S***, they’re here.
H: Who?
A: The second wave.
(Soldiers are approaching.)

Dark Atlantis (In room)
H: I guess that I should say congrats.
A: Same.
H: Tomorrow, one of the two of us will win.
A: yeah, I don’t know how to feel.
H: I know how to feel.
(He goes in for the kiss.)

What happened between Moray and Triton?
How will Hydro get out of his predicament?

Continued in issue #5

This is a perfect example of why office romances never work out

hahahaha, who said it didn’t work out at one point? Also what changed their relationship? Theirs still a lot of questions. #5 is more or less the climax with #6 being the denouement.

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“I loved you” he said as he chopped off his bud’s arm…

Oooh, things heated up there real quick.

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Sure does!

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