Hush: A review

I have never read Hush, so I didn’t have a lot of expectations on that score.

I really liked this movie. I was not expecting it to be part of the Reign of the Supermen universe, but glad it was. This is an interesting development storywise.

Loved the characterizations and designs for Nightwing and Catwoman. And it was good to see Bruce become more human.

Some people complained that the ending felt contrived. But remember, Hush tried many other ways to kill batman and failed. So the cliche showdown in the factory was not the endgame but the improvised showdown.

Also I saw complaints about Catwoman telling Batman off at the end. She wasn’t mad that he didn’t kill Hush; she was mad that he unrealistically tried to save Hush at risk to his own life. She wants a boyfriend that will take reasonable risks and be around to be a part of her life. It made sense to me.

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You went into this as cold as possible? How cool is that? I loved seeing Bruce act more like a person in this film. And I loved the scene with Damian. I feel like the villains had just enough screen time as to remain interesting but not outstay their welcome. It was also nice to see Vanessa Williams reprise her role as Amanda Waller from Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay.