Huntress - An Often Over-looked 6 issue from 2011

If you read carefully, you can see the timeline changing…


That is a good mini. Came out around the time of the Legion: Secret Origin, My Greatest Adventure, Penguin: Pain and Prejudice and The Ray mini-series too. Those were all pretty good.

Hadn’t noticed any timeline changes though (only read it once). What are they?


Well, in issue 1, The Huntress is clearly still Helena Bertinelli-- she references the Justice League, and knowing Bruce Wayne. Issue by issue, little nondescript changes are made in Helena’s self referentials-- until, finally, in issue 6, she’s a rebooted original Helena Wayne, a refugee from the New 52 Earth 2-- who has never met this new Earth’s Bruce Wayne, and only used HB as a disguise. Something similar happens in the Mister Terrific series. First, there’s only a young woman named Karen Starr, then she has super-speed, and finally she’s revealed as Power Girl from the New Earth 2. And almost nobody noticed this going on in the background in either book.

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I enjoyed that series very much. This was a Huntress who will kill. Very good job by Paul Levitz


This was published in 2011 when the new 52 was out, including Earth 2 and Worlds Finest comics.

Though she uses the same civilian name as the Huntress in Birds of Prey pre New 52 and in the Grayson books in late new 52. It is an alias.

She is actually Helena Kyle Wayne, the daughter of Batman and Cat woman of Earth 2.

She and Kara Kent, Power Girl were caught in a portal during that Earth’s Trinity Final Stand against Darkseid. They were teleportrted to the main DC earth and their adventures there were recorded in Worlds Finest.

I believe in Worlds Finest I, Helena Wayne and Karen Starr are having dinner together.

Helena has several passports on her, and says of the one she used in the mini series , that the person who owned it, was a remarkable woman, as if she was dead or maybe went into hiding.

I read World’s Finest at the time, but I didn’t pick up this mini-series. If it’s on the app, I’ll check it out!