How would you introduce Static into Black Lightning the CW version

This is how I would do it for the tv series.

WARNING This will not be comic book accurate, this would strictly be for TV and to match the CW’s theme of story telling

I would take Virgil Hawkins and have his parents killed by gang violence. After such a traumatic experience he activates his metagene and starts to wonder how he got his powers. He finds his birth certificate but comes to a shocking discovery that Robert Hawkins is not his biological father but it is Olympic athlete Jefferson Pierce. Virgil then leaves Dakota and heads to Freeland to meet his biological father only to discover that Jefferson has a family of his own already…

I could go on but I don’t want to go to far in detail lol. How would you guys do it? Are you all fans of Black Lightning and Static and what do you think of my storyline of how Static is brought into Black Lightning

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I think they could dedicate an entire season to the Milestone Comics characters and The Big Bang. The fictional city of Dakota could be a neighboring city to Freeland and Static could come into town after the Big Bang to go to school. There he develops a relationship with Jennifer Pierce and has to deal with “Bang” Babies who he e come over to Freeland to claim it as their territory. Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning would serve as a mentor to Virgil/Static as the fight off the invasion. This would have to happen after they complete the Tobias Whale story arc.


I like it and I like the idea of using Black Lighting to bring in other Milestone characters. I would even try to find a way to bring in Icon and Rocket in a later season. Dakota being a neighboring and much worst city than Freeland is also a great idea!