How would YOU change the DCEU?

Good morning everyone!!! Someone’s post made me think of this thread.

Who would you KEEP or CHANGE in the current world state of actors/actresses?

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Also, which movies would YOU make?

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I’m one of the unpopular opinions that says DC can’t go wrong in my eyes so I’ve truly loved everything they’ve put thus far in the “dceu”.

To answer your question, I wouldn’t change anything actor/actress wise. I know Affleck is gone but I’m sure they’ll find a suitable replacement. I really think unknowns would be better for comic book movies but that’s just me.

With the future of the films and content…omg D.C. NEEDS TO TACKLE THE MAGIC SIDE. There’s SO much untouched. If they do anything like they did with JLA Dark but on the big screen…I’d probably scream choke and die… Other than that, just really make sure that the focus doesn’t get caught up with everything Batman and can give these other, “lesser known” characters some time in the spotlight. And then in a few years I want a sequel to the Justice League movie since by then we’d already have a plethora of solo movies/characters set up!

Hope that answers the question…and good question🔥


Forget the DCEU. Adapt the greatest stories into movies. No need to explain, people already know who many of the DC characters are. Batman and Superman should be done like James Bond. Here’s a new one, no need to explain why, he just is.


Here here!!! Seconded!

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Do what they’re doing now with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam! With more heroes. Get a Batman film, get a Superman film, get a Green Lantern film, get a Flash film, scrap Cyborg, get a Martian Manhunter film (I know it’s costly but it would be worth it), get a Hawkgirl film, and then slowly build up a connection between them. And come together for and form the Justice League.

Once that happens I would focus more on other individual heroes:

The Birds of Prey (but with Batgirl not Oracle)
Teen Titans
Dr Fate
Green Arrow (especially with the CW show coming to an end)
Booster Gold (heck have a Booster Gold x Shazam film would be perfect)

Slowly build the universe, don’t rush it. If you think Endgame has a big crossover, with all of the DC heroes combined, DC could have an even bigger crossover. But don’t get it over crowded. They could even do Elseworld stories and not so much focus on the connectiveness but introduce the heroes one by one and then bring them together. Have them face the Injustice League then Darkseid then eventually the Anti Monitor and then eventually the Anti Anti Monitor and keep going put in Brainiac put in The Elite.


I would make all of the characters known, so any character could appear. Eventually they could make solo movies for most characters and they would already be able to do team ups and stuff.


Do solo movies for years and years until the audience is hungry for another crossover. If done right, it can do box office numbers like Infinity War

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I think they should give both Superman and Batman some movies and then an Aquaman sequel. Wonder Woman already has her sequel coming next year so that’s awesome. Hopefully after that they can get Ben Affleck back to do a Justice League sequel. If they had given Batman his own solo movie before Batman v Superman and Justice League The box office numbers would have been bigger before both Batman v Superman and Justice League but it felt rushed and turned a bunch of fans off I believe.


Improve the interface on the xbox

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UI changes:

Add Breadcrumb navigation at top of every page (like SharePoint pages have )

Add “Add Whole Series” icon to comic series pages

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Batman > Jon Hamm or Richard Armitage

Superman > Not sure yet

Keep Gal

Keep Jason

Flash > Dylan O’Brien

Green Lantern > John Krasinski or Jamie Dornan

Keep Ray Fisher

Make Joaquin’s Joker Canon

Brainiac > Ralph Fiennes

Sinestro > Mads Mikkelsen

Lex Luthor > Bryan Cranston

Deathstroke > Gerald Butler

Reverse Flash > Not sure

Arrow > Travis Fimmel or Charlie Hunam

Bane > Javier Bardem

That’s it for now


I just wanted to see the Snyder verse . I mean flash point in live action that would have been cool.

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I would have “producer” (read: overpaid tool) Steve Mnuchin blacklisted from ever going near another movie again. Politics aside, the disastrous theatrical cuts to the early DCEU movies were all his fault.


Give it a real, official name. And no, “Worlds of DC” isn’t it.

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The next two live action Batman movies should be Gotham by Gaslight and Court of Owls. In that order.

Work with lesser known (to the general population) characters. Black Canary, Power Girl, & Martian Manhunter all deserve their own movies. Especially BC & PG, because powerful hot women in tight clothes sell tickets. Case in point WW & HQ.


Add more female hero centered movies to the lineup. Specifically Batgirl, Black Canary(we’ll see how the Sirens movie performs), Jessica Cruz, Donna Troy, Katana, “grown up” Raven and Hawkgirl.

Conversely, more female villains such as Lady Shiva and Cheshire…

I’d stay completely away from anything Batman or Superman oriented for the time being as they have had their ample screen time.

Finally, I’d love to finally see a proper Martian Manhunter film!

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At this point, I say scrap it all! Don’t do any more live action movies for a few years. Then start over. The completely fucked up and at this point nothing will fix or change it because last I heard they’re not doing a Flash movie. They shoulda just stopped everything after JL, did Flashpoint, and started over.


Start over.


A1, they didn’t “completely fuck up” anything. They started out rough. But Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam have all been solid films. Ironically, the films NOT directed by Snyder have been their strongest performers. I’d just move forward leaving those films in the past and build. The only character I’d consider recasting is the Flash. We have seen that these characters can survive in their own films. Don’t be afraid of their source material. Embrace it. I’d even go so far as bringing Ryan Reynolds back for a GL sequel. Get a different director and writer for it and focus it on the Corps. It can also allow them to introduce John Stewart and maybe Gardner into the mix.