How would Robin overcome? *Spoilers*

Haven’t been able to find Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker movie on here. Would’ve loved to watched it after such a long time. Witnessing a young Robin endure brutal torment at the hands of the Joker was especially shocking. (In Arkham Knight too)

I’ve always wondered if DC thoroughly explored the immediate aftermath of a Robin surviving… but having been physically and mentally abused by the Joker…

Could he have been able to return to his Robin duties? Is there anything Batman could have done to prevent Jason from becoming RedHood? What do you think hasn’t been explored about Jason Todd?


It got rotated out. I’m sure it’ll be back, though.

I should note though that it’s Tim Drake in that movie, not Jason Todd.


Piggybacking off of superby- but yep, that was Tim Drake Timmy Todd. In the movie, they actually address the immediate aftermath. It took a year(s?) of therapy to get him sane again, and then he ditched the job. Or maybe he was forced to retire? But I imagine the former.

I think Tim has a line, too, about how it was ultimately all just fun and games up to that point. Which makes sense. As a kid, I imagine working with Batman and being a hero is a fun adventure/power trip until you’re alone, vulnerable and tortured for weeks on end by a pair of adult psychos. He was so young. I wouldn’t be surprised if that kind of experience would scare a kid out of wanting to risk a replay.

As for Jason… I knew his character as Robin, but I haven’t read much of him as Red Hood. I kinda wonder: If Bruce was the first one he interacted with after reviving, would he have been less angry about everything?


Every time I rewatch that scene I think “How did this not scare the $@?% out of me when I was a kid?” It’s definitely something that could made into a story itself. Tim going through therapy and then a look at how it affected him as he got older and tried to fit into a normal life. In the movie he has a wife and I’ve always wondered what he’s told her about his time as Robin, if anything at all. I think Paul Dini could write a great story about the aftereffects.

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I call him Jason, as he has Tim’s name but Jason’s storyline, origin, backstory, skills, weaknesses, and personality.

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Yeah, that’s how I saw him all throughout TNBA. Return of the Joker was really the only time I bought that he was actually Tim, though it was hardly perfect

@SageTornado It’s On HBOMax

I’m just happy they brought back Jason Todd.