How will we know when DC will remove comics from the current library?

Hey all. I love the current DC comics library here. I am excited to see it expand! However, I have read that they will sometimes remove comics? How frequently will this occur? And will we receive advanced notice? I would hate to lose access to a series I planned on reading. Though, if I got a 2-week or month early notice of its removal, I would then have the time to read the to-be-removed comics.

It was quarterly but after the first time they did it they said that now they don’t remove them periodically and there is no specific take down for anything, but if things are not being engaged they may eventually have to take them down to make room, but will give at least two weeks notice in the forums and I believe a news item. So far this hasn’t happened and nothing has been take down in the comics since January.


@DanTheMan1 thanks dude!