How was Titans Episode 7?

I haven’t watched it yet so I want to know your guys opinions. :slight_smile:

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I enjoyed it!

Series has problems (what new show doesn’t) but I am really liking the direction they seem to be headed.


Great psychological thriller episode. Not much action but good drama.

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This episode was the point of no return for the cast. At some point they were all faced with either giving up or embracing their new chaotic lifestyles. Beast boy was visibly upset that he finally crossed the line with his powers & hurt someone. Loved how we finally got to see Raven in the iconic hood that’s defined her characters look. Their all in now & they all chose it.


Oops I’m sorry red hood don’t read mine I thought u were asking cuz u watched & wanted to know what people thought

Looking forward to Wonder Girl. We need five Titans instead of four.

There are no problems with Titans. The slow boil is perfect and each episode leaves you wanting more.

Titans is that good! Doom Patrol looks like it will be good. And if Swamp Thing can keep pace then the DC Universe is already worth the 7.99 price. Stargirl and Young Justice are just gravy to me.


I really dug this episode. Robin always has a way of bringing up new points in his inner struggle. Things I didn’t even think about before.

So have you finally seen the episode, Redhood?

You shouldn’t have to ask people everyweek. Just watch and decide for yourself. It’s only 40 minutes long

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Not yet, have been extremely busy as of late

i like the actress who plays Wonder Girl. they did an excellent job w/the casting. Teagan Croft is Great as Raven as well as Anna Diop’s Starfire. Brenton Thwaites makes Joseph Gordon-Levitt look pale in comparison portraying Robin. Ryan Potter is a good Beast Boy. Love Minka Kelly as Dove. i hope Dove comes back later. ive got zero complaints w/TITANS. i hope the series gets stronger with more character development. watching TITANS makes you want to care about the Raven character, and i liked how they used the flashbacks to tell the narrative of Robin. please put in Ben Affleck guest starring as Bruce. Samuel L. Jackson guest starred as Nick Fury for MARVEL Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., i think DC should do the same for Batman w/TITANS to really gain even more fans.