How to introduce to Doom Patrol

I was visiting a friend this last weekend. He is big into superhero movies, but not necessarily the comic book genre, essentially if its not playing on a big screen in theaters, he’s never heard of it.

I suggested we watch an episode of Doom Patrol, told him how great it was and how it was just bizarre, but ridiculously enjoyable. He was interested, but when I pulled up the 4 minute trailer (Doom Patrol | Extended Trailer) and it didn’t hook him. We ended watching a Sabres hockey game, never a bad thing, but it left me thinking the trailer wasn’t a great introduction to the series.

Certainly wasn’t enough to convince him to want to watch an episode. I also thought back and wondered if even the Pilot would have been enough to convince him to spend time watching the series, although I think if you get someone to watch through the second episode “Donkey Patrol” I think you would have them hooked.

So, how would explain Doom Patrol to someone who has no clue about them (or comic books in general outside of blockbuster movies), and what clips would you show them to hook them on the series?


pay him


I bought him a beer… But that was when we went out to watch the sabres game. May have been reinforcing hockey over Doom Patrol by doing that though.


@Meisaj There’s no real good way to force someone to watch a show. Either they’re into it, or they’re not. Maybe your friend doesn’t necessarily like super hero films, but big action adventures instead. There’s nothing wrong with that. Doom Patrol is an odd show, and that’s just not everyone’s cup of tea. I can totally sympathize with trying to get people to watch something you love, but sometimes there’s just nothing you can do. I think you’ll have a lot more fun just enjoying the show and finding those who already enjoy it (Maybe hanging on a certain forum :wink: ), rather than trying to get someone else to like it. At least that’s how it’s been for me.


I totally get that. Re-watching the trailer made me think it wasn’t a good representation of the what is, or at least became. That’s all.

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I would recommend starting with episodes 4 Cult Patrol and 5 Paw Patrol.

The Decreator story arc can be enjoyed independently from the rest of the series and at the same time it lets viewers get acquainted with the characters and the bizarre nature of the show.