How to download a reading collection?

I’d like to read Batman No Man’s Land event from this link offline

Is there a way for me to download the list of issues and have the reading order maintained? If I download the issues individually, they are just grouped in Downloads and sorted by their titles.

Once the issues are downloaded, you should be able to access and start reading the downloaded versions directly from that page. (At least, that’s how it works on Android. Can’t speak for iOS.)

Can you give me step by step instructions?

  1. I downloaded the first 8 issues onto my Android tablet (Samsung Tab A)
  2. I turn off my Wifi/internet connection
  3. Click on More on the bottom toolbar
  4. Click on Downloads

The books are not listed in event reading order. I want to be able to have the issues displayed in reading order while offline.

Currently, due to the way that the app auto-sorts your downloads by publication date, this is not currently an option. I have raised this particular issue with the dev team though to be resolved in the future. Apologies for the frustration!

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