how to cancel

Cant find anywhere


Why do you want to cancel?

Did you actually subscribe?

On what device you’re using the app?

Try harder

Why are the people on this app so difficult to work with. (NOT talking to the person trying to cancel) If u want to cancel then u should go to their website

Guys, people should be allowed to cancel if they want to. Don’t make it tough for them. It’s not like they’re doing anything wrong.

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To cancel…

Be on your PC.
Click on your name, then Settings.
On the next page click on ‘Account’ on the left.
Then under your subscription details there is “Cancel Subscription”.

Btw, you’d get better responses if you’d posted in the Support forum.


By visiting DC Universe on a desktop browser, you can locate your account settings by:

  1. Clicking your username in the upper right
  2. Select ‘Settings’
  3. Select ‘Account’

If you still find you are having trouble updating your account, you can contact support directly by submitting a ticket to:

I will be moving this topic to our Support section shortly, as General is devoted to conversations regarding DC stories, characters, and other content-related conversations. Thanks!


@applejack you’re awesome I look up to you


If you cancel…

The timeline as we know it will change. Don’t do this…