How Superman could beat the Flash in a race

COULD. I watch a lot of MMA, and I’m a huge San Antonio Spurs fan. One thing you learn watching…. any sport really, is that no one stays undefeated forever. So concerning Flash and Superman racing each other- even if the Flash wins 9 times out of 10, that still leaves…

One time.

So here are a few factors to consider which could give Superman the victory.

Flying vs running.

Superman has to be faster flying than he is running. Otherwise he would run to people who need his help instead of flying. And if he gets to fly instead of run, he doesn’t have to worry about anything blocking his path. Which I think matters.


Flash has said himself that he has to slow down to avoid running into things, like people or buildings. He could vibrate through inanimate objects, but then he’s doing an untold amount of property damage. So racing around the world, it has to slowing him down a bit to navigate his way through everything.

Then there’s what I’m gonna call the desert recharge.

Some places on earth feel the suns rays more intensely, so it stands to reason that he’s more Superman in those places. For the same reason that he’s weaker when he’s in places that don’t feel the suns rays. This was how I feel he won in the recent Superman: Up Up and Away’ story arc.