How panel by panel is implement into comics?

Do people program each comic or is made automatically by a sofware? Need to know because the curiosity is driving me crazy.

20k+ comics is hard to belive they are program by hand, thats a lot of work! but then you see some neat panel transition and it make me doubt a software can do that.

Some of the panels are framed inaccurately, so I hope no hu-man is to blame.

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That’s also true lol, but then you see some panel that’s zoom in before the character do a hit and then they zoom out showing the hit inside the SAME PANEL and that make me doubt is machine.

My guess so far is that is made by machine and then edited a little by hand, but no way to confirm it. That’s why I ask this silly question :slight_smile:

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My guess is that it’s at least partially done by humans. Between this and touching up the colors on older issues, that’s probably why digitization takes so long. If it were just a matter of scanning, they could probably do a couple hundred issues a day.

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