How Old is Batman?

Just a fun, little “doesn’t really matter” discussion :smiley:
Me? I’d say he has to be somewhere around his early-40s. If we’re being generous, Bruce probably started crimefighting in his early 20s, operates solo for a few years (usually 3) before taking on Dick Grayson, who’s usually a pre-teen, so that’s at least a solid decade and a half before current continuity (again, let’s be generous and say Dick, Barbara, and Jason are all roughly in their mid-to-late-20s by now). And then you got to factor in Tim, Steph, and Cassandra (early-20s by this point? I think?). Oh, and we need to tack on 13 years for Damian (10 years of which happened off-screen). So…yeah, 40 to 45 maybe?


I was re-reading the new 52 Batman and he says that he is 32. It was either in Grayson or new 52 nightwing but I think it said that Dick had just turned 20. The new 52 really changed things because all of the Robins are around 20. I think in detective comics rebirth Tim was accepted to a good college, so he’s probably 18. I think batgirl is probably the same age as nightwing. I think Damian is 13 because I know Jon was 10 in Super Sons and I think it said there was 3 years difference between them.


We know Damian is 13 for sure thanks to DC Rebirth #1 showing him blowing out a candle in the shape of “13” (hinting at his upcoming role in Teen Titans). I think he was stated to be 10 when he first appeared in Grant Morrison’s run, so that means all the Bat stories since have taken place over a 3-4 year time period.*

Tim and Steph are probably 18 due to the college thing, sure, but it’s not like Tim couldn’t have been putting off going to college due to his night job**

*Though, yeah, New 52 could have changed all that.
**Alternatively, Tim is pretty smart, so an early admission isn’t out of the question, either.

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In my mind, Prime Batman is mid-late 30s, this way hes experienced but his body hasnt really been breaking down yet really. You could also say its about old enough for him to have all the Robins.

When I say Prime Batman, I mean the main Batman. Unless the story is intentionally is an older or younger version.

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Batman has been my dad’s favorite all 54 years of my life, Batman was my favorite for most of my life and in our talks we’ve agreed that he is 35, Dick is 25, Jason was 16 when he died and the pit aged him 5 years overnight, Tim is 18, and Damien is 13.

One of the problems of the New 52 is that there’s not enough time in the timeline for all the things that have happened to have happened, so Batman’s age is shrugs and makes non-committal noise.

But here’s my best theory:

I’d say he was maybe 41 or 42 when the Post-Crisis timeline ended (various rebirths, magic healing, lazarus pit incidents, and returns from the dead will keep a man mighty spry), and per Rebirth, everyone was de-aged about ten years by Flashpoint, but then the Post-Flashpoint timeline would have to encompass a year or two, so I’m going to say he’s around 34.

  1. The guy has one hell of a training regiment to look that good, be that pliable and be mentally sharp as a tack at that age.

Kidding aside, I’d say mid-30’s.