How Much Sleep Does Batman Get?

I’m of course watching the homie batman and couldnt help but wonder, how much sleep does our caped crusader get?

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It depends on the writer. Some writers suggest Batman gets a full 6-8 hours, and just goes to bed when the sun comes up and crashes until the early afternoon. This is the case, for instance, in the Dark Knight Trilogy.

It’s also been suggested that Batman has trained himself to get a full night’s rest in 3 hours of sleep (or so he claims). This was first suggested by writer Paul Bowles in 2002’s Detective Comics #776.

In Grant Morrison‘s work- and, later, Peter J. Tomasi’s- Batman says that he gets all the sleep he needs through a series of “micronaps” throughout the day, getting the necessary sleep to function by falling in and out of consciousness for mere minutes or even seconds at a time.

(Personally, I think that concept is too close to metahuman, and prefer the idea that he just sleeps all morning. But if that’s what you like, there’s material to support it.)


Modern stories typically have him getting very few hours of sleep each night. I quite like the explanation provided by stories like the Batman’s Grave and Beware the Batman where he carries modafinil in his utility belt or he’s experimenting with different things in his diet to reduce the four hours he needs to two hours. To me, Bruce would view sleeping largely as a waste of time and would certainly be looking for ways to get around needing to devote so much time to it.


Sleep is overrated. I have not slept in years, because it gets in the way of my crime fighting.

Honestly I was always more concerned about Robin. Up all night and school.


I’ll agree that it depends on the writer, but I prefer to think that he gets his 6-8 hours of sleep in the morning. If I remember correctly from Year One, Gordon mentions that Batman operates between the hours of midnight and 4 AM. So, even assuming that it takes him an hour to get home, he’d still manage to sleep 7 hours and wake up by noon, which fits perfectly with the playboy facade.


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