How much do you all think the Watchtower costs?

Imagine this; the Justice League is established and decide they need a space HQ. The Watchtower! Let’s just say Bruce Wayne pays for it. How much does it cost?


so doing a quick search, i found that the International Space Station (ISS) cost around $150 billion. Take that number and factor in the amount of hi tech equipment, transporters, docking bays to house javelins, and not to mention the amount of leaguers and personnel it needs to hold comfortably, i would tack on another $50 billion. So, after it’s all said and done I would say to build a JL watchtower in space would cost $200 billion.

You’re probably thinking, no way it has to cost much more. You have to remember that the JL has leaguers like Firestorm who can transmute every day ordinary things into whatever they need. They have the heavy lifters like Superman and GL who could probably do most of the actual construction work. And if it’s Batman paying for it, he could theoretically set the price of construction or materials however he wants.

And if you wanted to get real froggy about it, Bruce could build the JL Watchtower on the ground and then have Zatanna say "rewothctaw og ot ecaps " and that would cut so much of the cost right there.

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What a brilliant explanation, @Redd_X! Bravo!! :slight_smile:


@Harleys Puddin, aww gee thanks… XD!


A small loan of a billion dollars

It couldn’t have cost that much since Batman got Wayne Enterprises to finance its construction and, when asked if the shareholders knew about it, he said to his team mates that it was only a blip in the budget. $150 to $200 billion is not a blip in any corporation’s budget (note that according to Forbes, Wayne Enterprises has an annual revenue of $31.3 billion. It is not practical that the satellite was built on earth and launched into space. It is probably more plausible that the Watchtower was made from terrestrial and alien space junk that was already orbiting the Earth and pieced together by some of the members of the Justice League (i.e. Superman, the Green Lanterns, Wonder Woman, and the Hawks). They may have also incorporated materials mined from the moon as well as Kryptonian, Thanagarian, and Amazonian technologies. The cost is unpredictable, but has to be a fraction of the annual budget of Wayne Enterprises.

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But what if he was just “saying” it was only a blip… :eyes:

“One Million Dollars” - Doctor Evil

If Batman was just kidding then Bruce Wayne would have a lot to answer to the shareholders about the financing of a $150-$200 billion orbiting space station (or moon base) that has no return on investment. That would not be too bright on his part.

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