How MANY/Which Comic Books Can You Read In A Session?

As a somewhat new explorer of the enormous DC Comics Multiverse — I’m finding that I’m becoming interested in many more characters & storylines than I’d expected, and certainly more than I expect to be able to read & actually follow!
My Q is simply this:
How many comic series do y’all feel that you have the time & energy & mental stamina to read & follow, ALL AT ONCE??


I read anywhere from 3-11 new issues a week, myself.


Ok, ok… but, I guess my real question is;
How many comics Series — ONGOING SERIES — do you make certain to keep up-to-date on?? How many CAN you do??


I feel like my limit isn’t in quantity, but quality. A bad book is 10 times harder to get through than a good one. If I’m not enjoying a book, I drop it.


I buy about 21 new comics a week

I try to read all of DC except for

Joe Hill

Hard to Read Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter.

Mini series

Those I wait on.

Other than that

I read four series ar a time

One issue from a title
Then next title

When finish a title. Pick from list of next titles.

I can’t do this without Comixology

They have a

In progress list
Means anything Not Read at all or Finished

If finished issue goes off list

App put issue or trade i’n progrrss’ if read one page

Goes off lift if mark unrrad

That is how I manage
My short lst of Reading or Next up.

If I am interested in a title
I download at least one issue or trade
That creates a folder.

I have about 90 folders to look at current

If not reading for a while
One issue in folder

If going to read soon
If trade two issues
If all floppy all issues I want to read

Need comixology for this

Cant handle 23000+ library

Difficult to navigate

App always forces you to have to go back to beginning of search

Does not integrate with my library
Which contains

current issues

DC app has Limited Downloads

And Inferior Lists

With Comixolgy
Two list
In Progress
My Books

In Books
There are two options
On Device means bought and downloaded

Within a title folder
Two options
On Device


Selection of issue that were downloaded
Keeping Track
Selection of issues to download

Currentl reading the following trades

Suicide Squad Volume 2
Superman New Krypton Volume 2
Batman Golden Age Volume 1
The Terrific Volum1 having finished Fanastic Four Masterpieces Volume 1.

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I’m a binger by nature so maybe 3 series I could follow weekly and try to remember what’s going on.


WOW, @TurokSonOfStone1950!!.. i do not mean to be a complainer. Honestly!.. but I just wanna’ let ya’ know, b/cuz I REALLY feel like you must have had quite a lot to say in your comment above:
But that has to be Thee HARDEST post to read, and to attempt to understand, which I EVER remember seeing online!!.. …truly.
Is it just me, guys??
Really, I’d LOVE to have you tell us what you meant… unless I’m alone on this — in which case, I will humbly apologize.


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I probably went too far in trying to answer your question.

Basically Comixology allows me to handle and read much more comics that the limitations of our current app does

I can’t walk any more, even to answer the door in.time for the Fed Express guy, so physical copies are out.

Comic books are my only but expensive hobby.

I use Comixology because it has the following not in our library.

Current DC comics

Trades I bought when the library was very small and rotating titles out very quickly

Non DC comics

I have Comixology Unlimited which allows me to borrow Vertigo.Titles and old DC and Marvel comics for a monthly fee.

I have limited vision and navigation.of the library in our app is very frustrating for me. It seems to always to force me to go back to the beginning.

Downloads are slow and limited.

The app is very unstable Android. It goobles up hundreds of more megs every day and gets slower and slower until i have to delete the data and cache. Any dowmloads would be deleted as well.

Comixology has an In Progress Smart List that works. Click ‘READ’ and the issue is removed. Just look at the first page of an issue and it comes here.

If you download an issue, a folder is created for that title and beginning year.

Once you have a folder, you can see all the issues you bought. Issues not currently doenloaded have an arrow at the bottom.

So.managiing Titles are easy with no frustrations.

So to answer your question

On Wednesday

I buy about 20 to 25 comics

Half of them I read in the next two days

The other half have a folder with the start issue so I have a llist of about 90 folders which I can see in My Books and dont have to look for, when it is time to select a new series to read.

In Progress has 4 to 10.issues, a lot are trades. I read an issue then go to the next title. I can go through the titles here two or three times a day.



YES!.., VERY MUCH BETTER… and I do thank you for that input! Comixology seems like a really great suggestion, and I’m going to check it out very soon.

It’s interesting that you mention having some amount of disability, b/c I’m wheelchair-dependent, MyDamnedSelf!!:nerd_face: …see, I acquired a Spinal Cord Injury when I was 17… but, strangely, never actually picked-up the Comics Habit until just near the end of 2019, when I found this DCU App. Now, I’m ADDICTED!!:crazy_face: …to the DC Multiverse, anyway!

This app has, so far, been really good for me. But, still, I shall look into that Comixology.

Hey, @TurokSonOfStone1950, Thanx much for Sharing!



…AND, oh YEAH!.., I meant also to say — like YourSelf, I also read ONLY digital copies. So Comixology will be a great help. But, since I just recently became a comic-addict, and since there are so many very great & very old storylines, I feel like I may NEVER get caught-up to current, ANYway!!