How many people are dropping books as the kill and/or give characters amnesia?

I’m usually against fan service and a fan of giving creators the benefit of the doubt. Rebirth had a great Editorial direction. It no longer does. DC is undoing “getting to the core” of characters and replacing it with a series of stories that seems right out of the 1990’s stunt playbook. “Ric” Grayson and his edges attitude, killing Wally West right after they brought him back as a symbol of hope, Aquaman with amnesia and likely breaking up the relationship with Mera, whatever it is Bendis is doing with Superman. You don’t have to keep these characters in amber, as Didio likes to say, to write good stories without also destroying what makes them likable and interesting. I always liked what I read Scott Snyder said about adding to a universe and series of characters rather than subtract. Right now, it feels like you are subtracting and tearing down and undoing the goodwill you built up with Rebirth


I disagree but to each their own!

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I’m not dropping anything. I’m enjoying the titles I read.


I’ll be dropping Aquaman after the current story-line. I have no interest in a “deconstructed” Aquaman. I dropped all DC titles in the fourth year of the New 52 and returned when Geoff Johns promised a “rebirth”. Now the rebirth is slipping away and all the negativity and angst is again on the rise. Bring Wally back from the dead, fix the marriage of Lois and Clark, restore Batman balls, and publish new Legion and JSA books! If all this, and more, doesn’t happen soon this long-time fan will drop DC again.


I think every character marvel or dc has had amnesia at some point. It’s just a tired marketing ploy. I do agree with the name change. I will just leave it at that.

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I’m also. It saying the characters have to look and act like they did when I first read them. I like the new Titans show, for example and loved the Dick Grayson Batman. But the wider editorial edicts seems to have changed from finding and focusing on what people loved about these characters, but with fresh takes, to 90’s level stunts and cynicism. Even the foil covers and such. I’m loving Justice League and Batman, beyond the stunt wedding which hopefully still has a better payoff than selling 100 cover variants while not having the guts to follow through on a story driven status quo change that is in line with the history of the characters and would have been totally fresh. Superman has gone from must read to the bottom of my stack since Bendis. Titans was a great and fresh book until they killed half the team


I agree with you OP. Obviously I love these characters since I’m paying for this service, but everything they built towards with the excellent Rebirth line has been torn down. Most of the books are awful and I no longer have a pull list, I just go in and pick a couple. The three best parts of Rebirth have been decimated (wally, the og Titans/Dick, and Jon Kent)


DickBats: Spot on assessment of what’s happening at DC right now. Wally, the original Titans, and Jon Kent are all legacy characters that editorial has crapped on recently. As I said elsewhere on this app, one can only hope that Doomsday Clock fixes this mess.