How long do you think it will take Cybrog to say Boo-yah! -Young Justice: Outsiders

When will we here Cybrog’s iconic catchphrase (Boo-Yah !!)in Young Justice: Outsiders. My first prediction is the last episode of the season what does anyone else think?

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Hear correction

Huh. I hadn’t noticed that he hasn’t said it yet. I also think you’re right; it probably will be in the last episode. He will probably do something awesome in the finale, then say his signature catchphrase.

I thought he already said it. Guess not.

@Nightwingx4108 his best friend did who also happened to be the voice of Cyborg in other media like in the Teen Titans. That’s probably what you’re thinking of.

One funny thing is that I can’t recall a single instance in the comics where he actually said “booyah!” It was something the TT cartoon invented and since then I’ve only heard it in Injustice and the Justice League movie.