How Do YOU Use DCU?

I was curious how you all split up your time with this payed service?

Basically there are two main tiers of content with their own sub tiers tier 1 would include video content tier 2 would include comic books.

(Of course there are sub tiers such as dc daily, trailers, forums)

So my question is based on percentage with you’re best guess how would your time be divided up on this app?

For myself I would say I am 80% comic book reading and 20% series and films.


I actually spent the most time in the community but out of those two tiers, I’d say 40 or 50 % on comics and 50 or 60 % on films/shows

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I spend way too much time in DC Universe, which I am trying to limit.

Most of my time is in the Community Forums. It is easy to get in and out, since threads are in time order.

I also watch DC Daily and Titans

If DC Daily discusses a movie or comic, i watch or read them. If the Community mentions particular issues to be good, I read them, like Vixen,

I f there is a Watch a thon, I watch the material beforehand and read the comments as they occurs. I don’t have two devices to watch and comment and type too slowly anyway.

The comic book library is too frustrating for me to use often, especially those titles, with just one issue. It is clear that they are meant to force members to read the rest in a trade.

I spend most of my time in comics, by going to Comixology, reading the current issues I bought, as well as Trades i bought at half prince and chunks of single issues at 1.99 each. Those 1.99 do not seem to put into Trades, making them perfect for the library, since DC is not making anything on them in trade.

So very little in the two areas you specified.


I watch a lot of shows and movies, even ones I’ve seen. Just started being active in the community boards. The comics are a bit frustrating. I stopped trying after I was in the middle of reading long holloween.


I would much rather buy the titles I want to read

It is a streaming service first and firemost, so movies and TV shows are what I tend to focus on. After that, it’s a pretty even split between the Comics and Community sections.



Wow, I was a bit shocked to see so many using the app mostly for the fourms I started using the community here more than the dc Reddit page but figured that was just me using community so often.

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I mostly use the app to catch up on video content. Since I tend to buy most of the things i want to read, I’d say 25% of my usage is spent in the comic book section.

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id say mostly movies/tv shows and the commuity section as for the comics not much of a reader but i really did enjoy the green arrow series not sure what ill read next


I’m probably 40% community, 30% movies/shows, 30% comics. Right now but it’s been switching nonstop. I started out movies & comics only. Then just comics for a while, then just movies/tv for a while. Now I’m split up more with majority of my time in Community.


I would say I’m currently 40% comics and 60% video but that’s strictly due to the lack of selection currently available in the comic reader. I wish it was more Luke Marvels Unlimited which has thousands of issues from hundreds of titles, including the newer books, which are all released on the app about 2 months behind the original publishing. If DCU took this model my usage would change to probably 80% to 20% comics to video.

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I’m with u on the watch a longs. I can’t do em either. I just have IPad so I watch solo then read the thread too.

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At first just video recently I have been reading alot more I play something on DC universe and read on my phone