How Do You Storage Your Comics?

I am looking for creative a cool solutions for storing my thousands of conics. Post pics of your creative storage solutions


I have comic drawer boxes, which are great for getting to back issues. I also use them as a make-shift desk for my computer.


I used to have cardboard long boxes, but they all got damaged when our storage unit flooded during Hurricane Harvey (fortunately, the comics themselves survived unscathed). Since it had been years since I’d gotten into the boxes to read the physical issues (thanks to services like DC Universe), I decided to switch to heavy duty plastic tubs.


I use Billy bookcases from IKEA. Boring, but useful.

I’m debating adding glass doors, to make it look nicer and keep them from getting dusty.


That is so clever

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Nice!!! Looks super handy

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Thank you so much! It was mostly done out of necessity. This is my first apartment and when I moved in a few years ago I didn’t have a lot of space to my drawer boxes. I also didn’t have a computer desk like I had before. To save space and money, I improvised lol

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Nothing crazy, just my bookshelves.