How Do I Start Grant Morrison's animal man?

I love just about every Grant morrison comic, doom patrol was great and I heard the same about their animal man run but idk where to start? A Little help please?

Step 1- Become a vegan.

Step 2- stay a vegan.

Done, and done. What’s next?

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Eat a vegan becoming a vegantarian.

Then fight a Frutarian.

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I actually just finished Animal Man by Morrison this week and I can easily point you in the right direction.

Animal Man was Morrison’s first series at DC and was originally intended to write only 4 issues. However, those first 4 proved popular so DC extended his contract 22 more issues and gave him Doom Patrol soon after. The series is unfortunately not on here, but recently got Hardcover TPB on Amazon. (Note: it’s split between 2 Hardcovers)

The Link:

If you know about what happened in Crisis on Infinite Earth’s and just a basic wiki of the characters origins, then you are all good in understanding what happens in the series. The series goes from Animal Man #1-26

(As a comic fan and of Morrison myself, Animal Man is a real treat)

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To become a non meat eater, I must eat a non meat eater?


Thank you