How canon is DC: The new Frontier?

I’m catching up on older issues before Crisis on Infinite Earths and since I got the late 50s I started to read this series which takes places around that time period but reading the grim article from Iris about registering vigilantes and the death of Hour Man I wonder how much it really fits canonically. Is it all suppose to take place on Earth-1 or 2?

It is not canon at all

It is set in the fifties

Superman Batman.and Wonder Woman.are the original Golden Age versions

While the Silver Age is just starting

We see the origins of Jonn Jonzz and Hal Jordan and early Barry Allen

Ray Palmer has not become the Atom yet
Nor is Larry Trainer yet Negative Man.

Green Arrow Adam Strange the Blackhawks and the Challengers of the Unknown exist but Aquaman is unknown to the world

Last event in book is JLA versus Starro

This is neither Earth 1 or 2.

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From what I understand of the book, It acts as a sort of bridge between 40’s/50’s comics into the Silver Age of comics (1955-1973)

And to answer your question about it taking place on another earth


Thanks! Would you say it’s still a viable read to get myself more familiarized with the characters?

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It is one of my favorite stories

Jonn Jonzz and Hal Jordan are great in it.

Some don’t like issue one because it is a war comic with dinosaurs

If so, go to issue 2

There is also a one shot that is very good.

HBO Max has the video adaptation
Which leaves out a lot

But is very good

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