How can I find the full comic story collection including tie-ins?

When a new comic storyline is added (for example, Brightest Day or Dark Nights: Metal) you can find the full collection including all the tie-ins available from the main comics page. After it rotates off that page however I am unable to find the whole storyline collected in one place. I have to find a reading list and search for the next comic like am doing now with Batman: No Man’s Land.

Am I missing something?


You’re not missing anything. It’s a pain. Sometimes, you can use the search feature to find the news article where the collection was announced. And the article might have a link to the collection. That’s your best bet.

Brightest Day

Dark Knights: Metal

No Man’s Land


Hopefully this is something they can improve on once the 20k books hit. There needs to be an easier way to sort (right now, there isn’t any option that I can find). MU does this pretty well, so hopefully they can do something like that by the end of April (or continue to improve it over time).


I’m surprised Blackest Night isn’t on here yet with all the other Green Lantern stuff.

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All I want for now is to easily find the next comic when I finish one. The comic reading UI is just terrible!

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I make my own list and include all the issues listed before the collection listing is dropped.

I just finished reading the Brightest Day storyline, and agree that some very simple updates are needed. When I have a moment, I’m going to search for a thread or start a new one that details them.