How are you preparing for January 14th?

How will you prepare for the end of crisis? After the first three parts, we have a lot to deal with. What are you watching/reading/ranting about to prepare for January 14th, a day 8 years in the making?

Beware spoilers!

I know I’ll be catching up on black lightning, I didn’t think it’d tie in as much as some have said it does. Binge watching time!

I got a whole month to read 12 infinite crisis comic book, so I’m thinking of going back to finish reading the first book, and finished the rest for the first time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just read the series for the first time before part 1 premiered. Now I want to reread it and find the similarities and try to predict why will happen in parts 4 and 5.

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I’m going to reread crisis and rewatch the original Christopher reeves movies and Superman Returns in remembrance of our kingdom come Superman, gone because lex Luthor is a savage.

Just learned there are tie-in comics for flash, arrow and supergirl so I guess I’m going to truly catch up on everything for the end of crisis.

4 days until the Crisis finale! Anyone watching/reading in prep?