House of El's obscure ancestors/descendants

I’ve always loved tracing super lineages. So, I figured I’d start a thread about my favorite one, the house and descendants of El.

For me, Seraph is my favorite obscure descendant of El. She was created in a lab like Superboy as a hybrid clone using Superboy’s and an unnamed black women’s dna (for appearance/gender). Making her a sort of “sister” or “daughter” to Kon-El and because of that a direct genetic descendant of Kal-El.

I’m curious what everyone else’s favorite obscure descendants/ancestors of El are?


Kryptonians were a fascinating species


Does Hawkman count? He was a friend of Jor El’s named Catar-Ol.


I like it! Was that one of his past lives cause that sounds like quite the story! And I’d say that definitely counts if Mon-El (pre new 52) counts.

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That’s awesome!

Yes, the story is early in the 2018 series.

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I will definitely be checking that out!

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