Hot and Cold: 80s Style

I unfortunately was not ready for the stress of the daily Inktober drawings but I also felt the need to exercise my drawing skills until the next weekly/monthly challenge from @CynicalPink.
Me, being one of the biggest Legends fans, drew Captain Cold and Heat Wave back to back fighting off their enemies. For some reason I got the feeling of an 80s buddy movie like Murtaugh and Riggs and Tango and Cash.
I will let you know I have typically drawn using a reference with very little difference between poses. I wanted to challenge myself by drawing my own poses with reference only to get their faces, costumes and guns right. I am open to constructive criticism as this is new for me but I want to grow as an artist.


Think they’d make a great 80s TV show.


you captured their attitudes perfectly! i’d watch the heck out of this show

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