Hopes for Titans Season Two?

I personally enjoyed the season finale (and Superboy post credits scene), but I understand why people could dislike it. Any hopes for season two?


Ginger Wally showing up


Demonic trigon!


I want Dick’s darkness deal to be dealt with. I want him to adopt a new symbol that he can do good under. I want to see Nightwing! Also confused why cyborg was kicked over to doom patrol. I guess to further the cartoons from this show, but come on. Cyborg is all that would be left to complete the cartoon team.

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I would like the level of violence to be dialed back a bit. It just seems messy. STARFIRE SNAPPING NECKS, DICK’S got blood all over his face, BEAST BOY mauling a man etc. It’s just… >_>…

The Daredevil Netflix series perfectly executes it’s level of violence. It’s placed in the right moments without changing the pre-determined nature of Daredevil himself, from the comic books. We saw Matt Murdock go through his changes, developing into the Devil of Hells Kitchen. We saw the identity crisis, and how his past became his enemy which then provoked new enemies in the present. Bottom line is, after all that happened to him in three seasons, we still can see Matt Murdock and Daredevil. He’s recognizable. Titans does not allow for that kind of moment. Take away the Robin/batman Exposition, and all you have is a murdering psychopath named Dick Grayson. You cant tell me that being exposed to batman causes you to slice somebody’s throat. There’s no line of justice. No red tape.


Things I’d like to see:

  1. Donna Troy joins the team (and in her old costume just once!) she’s great & has great chemistry with the others;

  2. I get that Cyborg is on Doom Patrol for whatever reason but he really belongs on Titans. It doesn’t bug me that there’s no Wally (never liked him that much) but Vic brings a lot to the team. I also realize it probably won’t happen;

  3. Titans Tower or some form of headquarters, just bc it would be cool

  4. Deathstroke & eventually Terra (maybe Terra in season 2, Judas contract season 3?);

  5. Give the Titans time together as a team & not split them up every episode

Overall I’m really looking forward to Season 2 but hope it doesn’t turn into, “Let’s throw every DC Character we’re not already using into the show just because we can”; I’m mostly a fan of the original New Teen Titans comics from the 80s so I’m pretty neutral on Superboy - I’d rather see them spend time with the folks we have but as long as they do a good job I’m up for it.

I would like to see Dick Grayson resolve things with Bruce Wynne, this could be done between episodes and given to us in exposition. Bruce gives Dick the Nightwing costume and sets them up in one of his safe houses for a headquarters. I would love to see Starfire’s costume become more like the one in the comics. More Donna Troy would be cool. Superboy could be cool, but I hope they don’t try and rush him in. I like Cyborg, but I would love to see what they do with him on Doom Patrol, They might bump him up to the Titans, once Doom Patrol has been established and can make it on its own.

I want the whole Dick & Bruce drama to end, it makes sense for Dick to want to go and be on his own but once he combats and defeats Trigon with the gang HE NEEDS TO MEND the bridge between him and Bruce. I want Bruce to be more than allusion going forward. It’s cool hearing all this stuff in flashbacks and exposition but there comes a time when “Telling” has become enough, we need to be shown now. So Season 2 or 3 needs to focus more on the “Showing” rather than telling.

Quick example, adapt Shadow of the Bat issues 1-4. Open with Batman imprisoned (willingly) into Arkham to investigate something going on. Dick gets worried cause he just reacts to the fact that Batman is missing, and once he figures out his imprisoned in Arkham he tries to break him out. Which then leads Dick to finding out the issue of the story, whatever it would end up being. My reason for this is we need an episode with Knightwing and Batman. Once that has been taken care of I think they should also focus on bringing in other side-kicks. Aqualad is the first that comes to mind and would be such a cool addition to the show in future seasons. The Superboy tease has my interest piqued if they go with a mixture of Young Justice-meets-Titans could work in the Live-Action setting. Plus also see more traditional Justice League stuff would be nice instead of all the allusions.


Well above all I want to see Dick take up that Nightwing identity and begin making it his own. Maybe not right away, but at least by the middle of Season Two. I also want to see more of Donna and Gar. Gar got a bit of a backseat this first season. Despite the hate she gets, I myself really liked how Raven was handled and look forward to her evolution. Can’t wait to see Starfire really break out too. I loved her this season, despite her sense of style. Also look forward to her and Donna forming their bond, they kinda bickered more than anything else the last few episodes. Loved the Doom Patrol Episode and want to see more of that quirky group. All and all I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Less killing.

I’d also like to see a bit more of a focused story. They did a nice job of introducing characters and bringing them together in the first season, but it kind of came at the expense of the story of the season. They would just get going with something, then we’d have another origin episode that had nothing to do with it. Hank and Dawn was actually my favorite episode of the season but it felt a bit out of place.

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There’s an arc in the TNTT run where he goes rogue & attacks them. Then realizes he should join them when he realizes his creators programmed him that way. The way this show is going, I wouldn’t doubt if they go there, & I hope they do.

I’d like to see a “Teen Titans” flashback episode with the young versions of Robin and Wondergirl along with Kid Flash, Aqualad and Speedy.

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Time to see Knightwing!!! Hopefully he will show up for season 2! And I have to agree, I would also like to see Bruce and Dick rekindle their relationship to. That whole thing to me was a bit over the top. Didn’t really like image that they gave us of Bruce/Batman. Yeah he is a bit crazy but not the Bats I’m us d to. I also hated his costume! If Batman us gonna appears then make him badass like he always is!

I hope they are more focused on the titans story and not trying to set up other shows. Like the Doom Patrol and Hawk and Dove. It is great to see them, but im watching Titans for Titans.

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I want Donna Troy on the team; a Doom Patrol Titans crossover in which Cyborg joins; Classic Wally showing up for a couple of episodes to set up him joining the team in season 3; and I want the villains have greater spotlight on them, so that they are more compelling antagonists.

I want Fearsome Five with an extremely dark Doctor Light.

I think they already were confirmed for season 2 prior to the shows release. So we should be getting a season 2 late this year or next year sometime, but then they’ll have to decide on a season 3. I loved the show myself.

Hey guys. Tbh I Really enjoyed Titans. I really Hope Jason Todd gets his own spinoff

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I was wondering if Jason Todd gets his own show