Home with Pneumonia

Looking to kill the time since I can’t go to work. I’m a long time reader of DC (1973 or so) ,and I can’t decide what to read. Any suggestions? I’m a huge JLA fan and LSH. Any suggestions, reading lists,etc.? Maybe Crisis on Infinite Earths with the tie ins? Let me know.

Crisis on Infinite Earths would be a good choice. Here are some others here on DCU:

All-Star Batman https://www.dcuniverse.com/comics/series/-/96be8eb4-2f9b-454a-ae13-0e970459dfff


Black Mirror

Flash Point (at least I think it is here)

Feel better soon!

Crisis, all the way.

Flashpoint is on here. https://www.dcuniverse.com/comics/series/-/63657993-508e-4df9-a5fc-8b454f55e3fb

And Hush is Batman 608 - 619

Black Mirror us Detective Comics 871 - 881

Thanks for the help. Feeling better but 3 days in the hospital was brutal. I never read Hush, so I’ll start with that and then Crisis and all the tie ins.

Yeah, I read Crisis on Infinite Earths for the first time recently, and it’s amazing. It’s like a tour of the entire DC Multiverse during its darkest hour, with some of the coolest and most memorable moments, images, and scenes in comic history.

Hope you’re feeling better!

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I’m starting Batman Hush tonight. I think I’ll enjoy it.
Thanks to those who helped with their suggestions.

For those of you who asked. Much better. Let me tell you, pneumonia is no joke. I went to work this morning, came home after 3 hours. Exhausted. Had a follow up with my primary physician and he says to me, “ you can return to work next Monday.”
I tell him I already went back today and he was not happy. Made me promise to take it easy before he gave me a return to work notice. Lucky my job is kind of half physical/ half desk. I’ll be a desk jockey for the next week. (Before you ask, I run 10 liquor stores for a major supermarket chain)
I came up thru the ranks and my managers respect me because they know I’m just as likely to take off my jacket and start packing out bottles or running a register as they are.