heroes in crisis

What’s really happening? Who is the killer? Is any of this real? Let’s talk!


Well one thing it’s not booster Harley that’s too easy I think it’s someone outside of sanctuary who got control of it someone who hates both Titans and Justice Leaguers does everybody but gunfire has a connection to either Justice Leaguer or a Titan I’m still trying to figure out gunfighters connection gun fires connections sorry Fighters was because that stupid talk texting that’s not what I meant


Harley had a part in it but I think there was more people there. Harley can’t shoot an arrow. And hell, maybe booster killed some people and we didn’t see it.

I think they never came out of the simulator. Someone is trying to break the heroes.

I think something definitely happened (otherwise it wpuld be pretty hard to explain the references in other books). I’m still convinced that Sanctuary itself is the killer.

I think the artificial intelligence running the place went homicidal like the old Omac AI Batman created a long time ago

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I think its all Harley’s simulation. None of it is really happening.

If it was a simulation the chqracters like Wqlly and Roy wouldnt be gone in their other books.

Harley cracked Wqlly in issue 3 but they were on the porch. Thats not where they were found dead so I think Harley is a Red Herring.

Plus Harley is being set up to team up with Batman in Januaryish…soooooooo i dunno.

Dissappointing that 3 issues in and the story hasnt progressed at all from issue 1. Being that its Tom King, the last 2 pqges of the last issue is when we will get a vague confusing answer to it all.

My Theory is insane I think it’s someone who has a hatred for Titans and Justice Leaguers whether the enemy knows him or not them or not look who I’m very old Justice League / Titans villain name antithesis his powers would explain what happened at sanctuary he may be taking control of booster and Harley and may have killed the others but they weren’t in control he was introduced in one of the first Justice League issues he was trapped inside a computer he has returned several times to take on the Titans but not many years mind control and the Illusions I believe are two of his powers

This one is a trip. I wish I had a theory.

I hope it’s a Harley trip.

Im guessing the Sanctuary AI has taken over somehow. Not sure why it chose Harley, but Booster had just arrived, so I guess the AI didnt account for him. I wish they killed off the other Wally instead though.

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I think we’ll find out that Harley’s psychoses convinced Sanctuary that therapy was useless and death was the only option. Sanctuary maybe copied Harley the way Harley copied the Joker.


Nice all! Never even thought of the ai being the villain! I love it!

I think Wally went crazy/the AI enabled him to think he was seeing something else. I hope it’s not true but I think Wally is the real killer which breaks my heart as he is my second favorite character

I’m sad to see Booster Gold go crazy. I really want to know what happened to him. And I wish they’d post more Booster Gold issues on here.

Is it booster gold and Harley Quinn!