hero in crisis readers BREAKING NEWS*

I was examining the comic and I looking at the picture of Wally and red arrow. If you look underneath Wally’s arm/arm pit closely you see a dead green lantern…could it be Kyle? Could it be guy? Who do you think? And what do you think?

I think we know it isn’t Hal because of the upcoming Hal-centric series coming soon. Unless one of the 2 series is an elseworlds or Booster does some kind of time reversal thing. But there are so many Earth based GLs that it could be anyone of them.


Kyle was one of the characters who was teased in the ads leading up so if it is a GL my money would be on him.

That said didn’t King kill Kyle fairly recently in Omega Men? If so it seems a weird choice to kill him again so soon.

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@TheDemonEtrigan, maybe he just really hates Kyle Rayner :rofl:

The death in Omega Men was a fake-out. Kyle was basically the star of the book.

Hopefully it’s guy