Henry Cavill being recast!?

@Batcam626 I think there’s a zero percent chance of Cavill demanding a fourth movie with himself and a second Man of Steel movie before him allowing a Supergirl movie. I think he would be offended at that suggestion. Anyone who isn’t shouldn’t wear the cape.

DCEU would be smart to avoid Superman and Batman movies (unless it’s lighter fair which I think the upcoming Batman film will be. (Hopefully along the vein of The Batman animated series. Serious but not dark and focusing more on the detective skills of the Batman.)

If Cavill won’t accept the role of Superman because they want to release a Supergirl movie before the next Superman movie. Let him walk, there are plenty of actors in Hollywood. I think DC is on to something. Like they did with Reeves and Keaton, bring in people with no excuses sting character baggage.

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