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Somebody’s probably already posted this, but I couldn’t find it.

If you download comics to your device, and those comics are removed from the library, those comics are NOT removed from your device. You can still find them on your list of downloaded comics. And you can still read them.

I’m using the Android app. Your mileage may vary.


Usually, I download a bunch of comics and read them at night on when I’m on the road. So I’ve been annoyed at the gaps in the library, but the removed comics hasn’t bitten so bad.

Mods, please don’t take this to mean that I’m okay with comics being removed from the library. My main reason for having the subscription is access to the entire library. I want it all!

This may happen only if you always ook at your download comics only without internet.

With internet, the app can check to see if still in library still contain issue before letting you access it.

Without internet, only part of app up is downloads

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Also, if u give a comic a thumbs up b4 u read it & they put additional issues on later. U can keep your place & know exactly where u stopped. That way u can delete them to make room but know exactly where u left off w/o having to download them & have it take u to the last pg 1st.

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