Help with links/text on iOS.

Links don’t work on iPhone app. I can’t click 'em…and text is not selectable…touch the screen and nothing happens. Also on iPad, longer posts are truncated; you can see the first few lines then it cuts off. Am I doing something wrong, or is it meant to be this way?

Exactly I’m on iPhone and iPad

Is this lack of links access going to change with the update to the forum, in the summer.

At the very least, we need copy paste to the web site, which is not available now, to copy and paste a link into a browser.

I have an Android so I can access links

But creating a link is hard

Basically I had to find a link

Use that link in a browser

tand go up and then down to find my link

Then copy from url area in browser to paste in thread

Why are we using links when a large portion of our members can’t access them?

Should we be using Search instead

Or describe how to get there

Like go to New (which will only work as long it stay in news( etc

We are aware of the link sharing issue and hope to resolve this with the updates coming this summer! :blush:

New updates are solid.

Update your IOS