Help with Bombshells statue companion piece

Bought the Huntress with guitar and Black Canary singing bombshell statues to sit on corner shelves where the walls meet in my rockabilly-decorated bathroom, but seems like it’s missing a third piece to be complete: a heroine playing the drums(was thinking Harley, in the style of the Rockabilly Batman sketches

or Oracle, reimagined in a rockabilly style). Does anyone know of any other options other than trying to have something like the above two ideas made that would fit? Thanks in advance.


Like your Harley sketch. Looks like it would compliment. Love your idea about Oracle! Cool guy/hoodlum would be cool.

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Full disclosure and credit where it’s due, those aren’t my sketches, just something I found and loved a while back. Full sketches can be found on facebook under “Batman 50’s Rockabilly Universe”.

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Very cool. Noted-thanks!

The Batmobile sketch is a '32 Ford Model A. You can usually find models that same color scheme at Hobby Lobby or other places that sell model cars. Not sure if that’s quite what you’re looking for.

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Very helpful! Thank you!