help wanted!

Hey guys, so I’ve wanted to start an dc, Star Wars, and marvel ig for awhile. But I know it’ll be a lot of work and I am looking for some help running it! If you feel like you would be good at running a fan page from scratch dm me, the_mutliverse also tell me why you think you would be a good choice! I think this could be a fun project! Hope to hear from you soon

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_the_multiverse_.   Sorry misspelled

Running a board is a lot of work. Far more so than most users understand. Especially if you do your own custom work on the design, graphics, and layout of the board. Mucking about in the PHP, or whatever language the board is written in, is very, very time consuming. The CSS can take a long time to work with too.

I tend to be rather busy with my own projects much of the time, but do take time off, every so often, like right now. I would take a look at what you have going, but I am not sure I could commit a lot of time to your project.


MACJR, sure go check it out and dm me suggestions. It’s still very primitive looking right now, still findin best ways to layout. the_multiverse Thanks!

I take it that ig and dm are twitter related terminology, and that a twitter user might know how to find the_miniverse just from the text.

I never jointed twitter though. I had to research what you might be meaning and to try to find clues about where this the_miniverse is located.

If you have seen any of my posts, you will noticed that I rarely limit myself to snippet style messages. :wink: I tend to write mini-books rather than tweets. Just the way I am.

Is your the_miniverse available for none twitter members? And if so, how do you find it?

Doing a search on the_miniverse did not help, but then, I did not do more than a casual glance at the Google listings for possible matches.


It’s Instagram. the_multiverse And dm is direct message

Sorry, I am not signed up for Instagram either.

I had figured that DM was a version of PM (Private Message), especially from the context, but wanted to check.

I am mostly full-on PC web browser based, rather than app based. If I have access to one of my PCs, I will use that over a phone or tablet any day. So if your board is an app, I might not be much help to you.

I do need to look into designing pages for mobile devices though. My web sites and message board are not well designed for small devices. Large screens and full PC power are so much better, but yeah, most people are on small devices these days. So I will need to work on that at some point.