Help Wanted on Writing a Fan-Fic

Hello all!
I come to everyone looking for help! Over the past year and a half I have tried and failed at attempting to write my own fan-fic. Whether it be changing the story, characters, or all around theme, I just cannot seem to get any real ground.
So I am looking for someone who enjoys writing and would be willing to work with me on putting something great together! Either freely or with some type of compensation! I have the ideas (but never opposed to new ones ever! I mean I have re-written the story almost 7 times soo) I just can’t seem to put thought into the words.
So please, any help would be greatly appreciated!

I an too opinionated to be your teacher

You shouldn’t give anybody any money

There are two part to this

The idea


The story

You have a prompt

Seven characters

They all don’t know each other. Which means they are not an established team

All heroes? All Villians? Or a combo?

Why would you need 7 characters? Sounds like a big threat. What is it?

Lucky. I am thinking more coincidence. If you read your super hero team origins. Usually it is who ever shows up.

Greed and envy

Villains are greedy.

Booster gold, when he is reflecting, is envious.

Young teams often envy the more famous teams.

Greed could be taking too much, going too far, if we drifting from exact meaning.

With seven members, I broke it up to two group, otherwise, the whole story is them meeting each other.

Getting any idea from prompt?

If you have an idea, you can proceed

Don’t try to write a polished story at first. By that I mean perfect first sentence, then perfect second sentence, etc

Just write things down in any order. Do for several days, bit looking at what you wrote

A line of dialogue
A sentence describing a scene
A characteristic of one of the seven characters.

Then look at what you got
Sort in order
Add sentence for stuff missing

Then start to write.

If still having problems

Where are the characters?

At a benefit, then robbery, like Batman movie.
At a girl’s night out, and they intervene.
At a natural disasters. Man made?
In space stowaway? Just used in Justice League Odyssey…

Look at Brad Meltzer how did he get together the group that became the Justice League.

Steal or immitate something, but make it smaller. Artist used to learn to draw by copying paintings in a nuseum. Use another person’s story but twist it a little.

Don’t try to make something new. The story idea for some parts of it should be obvious

I have my make character stare at Power Girl’s boobs, her most obvious characteristic, but she is also smart, funny, show that if you have the time

All of us have an inner critic who says our stuff is crap. Don’t give in. Just write anything and see it becoming something, bot not good yet.

Your self esteem us not on the line. You are not being graded. You will never see any of us. We should be nobodies to you. We don’t count. You do.

You have to start somewhere.

Any specific questions?

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I thought you were part of the weekly writing, Sorry.

But a prompt is what I need to write a story.

Otherwise, you could write about anything, which is too much freedom.

Who do you want to write about

A young hero or a team

What are his friends

What does he do

Family problems

Where does he live

Economic situation

Any stress

Rest is story convention

Inciting incident when does his life change

In media res Start in middle of action

Save the cat make him likeable quickly

What is pkot

Who is antagonist

When is he at his darkest

How does he move from that

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One book on writting said

Look at recorded movie.

Put down what even event occur

Usually the normal situation for acharacter is shown

Then an inciting incident occurs, where everything changes.

Does he refuse to act

Eventually he has to act

He is in a different special world now where his talents don’t apply

Does he gather allies or a mentor.

Does he learn new skills or approaches

Does he fail, very badly

How does he attempt again

Why does he succeednow

Does he go back to the normal world or stay.

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@MissInkBlot liked what I wrote on the subject

Learn how to write fan fiction thread

I bumbed it up so you could look at it

One last thing

It helps to write something you don’t care about, in a couple if hundred words than to write something you care about deeply and that requires thousand of words,

Especially when you don’t know how to write

Join our weekly prompt fan fiction moderated by


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What would you need help with? I would absolutely like to help write something. I have all the software to write an eBook so I started one on H.P. Lovecraft and this theory I have. I would really enjoy helping in something like this if I can.



Thank you for the help! You have given me quite a few new tools to try for the future! Outlines is something I should do more of for sure.

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Really, just a writer! Someone who can take my own thoughts, along with their own, and put it into writing.

In my early days of writing, I’d usually just write general synopses of what i want to write and try writing it. If i go nowhere with it, I move onto the next. Eventually, you’ll come across something that just clicks and you’ll find yourself “in the zone”. That’s when you know you’ve got it.

Practice makes perfect. Writing is a painful, especially in the early days, but the payoff is so worth it. Nothing was more satisfying when I wrote my first full-length novel (which has still not been released and I don’t know when I’ll release it), took a moment to take in what I just accomplished, and then treated myself to a nice meal in self-celebration.

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It sounds to me that you don’t want help in writing.

You want to give some body some ideas and they produce everything else

Famous people have their books written by others, they are called "ghost "writers and are very expensive.

in the twenty or so writing teachers I have had, in over twenty years of classes, I have never had a teacher change any of my sentences, except early on, to show me the proper format of a dialogue.

Their jobs are

To encourage you by providing examples, mostly by providing prompts

Introducing certain concepts such as

The three acts in a story



Point of view


Tense of sentences

Initial failure by protagonist

Dark hour of the soul

Inciting incident

The importance of the first few sentence

Show not tell

No information dumps

Ways to introduce backstory.

Occasionally removing adverbs by using strong verb, ie instead of he ran quickly say he sprinted

Using actions done by the character, so don’t need to say said

Otherwise you used said

How written dialogue differs from how we speak

Not starting the story with guy getting up

When traveling or doing something mundane that does not contribute to plot, reduce it to a one sentence paragraph.

Inserting facts or actions early on that lead to a big payoff later.

Making the hero likeable but not perfect.

These are way beyond

Here’s my sentence, make it beautiful.

Here’s my idea, write a story

You will learn nothing that way

Go to a writing class
Read a book on writing

But above all, just write.

If you need suggestions on topics to read about to improve your writing,

In my thread

Learn to Write Fan Fiction,

Don’t info dump
Show, don’t tell
Dialogue tups

were mentioned, with links

A list of books follow

Don’t buy them, just download a SAMPLE from Amazon Kindle.

Look at Table of Contents,

For topics to Google about

Denny O Neil, writer of Batman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow suggested many books to read, mostly on Screenwriting and Comics, in the second week of his Class at NYU ( See links at end of my Learn to Write Fan Fiction)

The one I recommend is

Save the Cat by Blake Synder 168 pages

It’s about generating ideas first and picking the best idea before writting anything, communicating the idea in a succinct manner, and obeying rules for successful screenwriting.

Others are

Fast Fiction by Denise Jaden, 125 pages.

The Irrestible Novel by Jeff Gerke, 209 pages

Help for Writers by Roy Peter Clark, 241 pages