Help Me Make a Timeline to Read!

So I’ve been trying to read the comics basically in order. I started in the 90s with knightfall and have worked my way up to final crisis. I currently just read Batman mainly and his related titles, some Superman, justice league, titans/teen titans and green lantern.

So does anyone know where I could find a list of either what came out when or a complete reading order? Most of the reading orders I find aren’t complete and leave out a lot. I hope to go by date.

Currently I just finished final crisis and am reading battle for the cowl and all the Batman aftermath, after that I know to read Superman new krypton, blackest night and brightest day but I have a Problem with how to read the justice league because there is cry for justice and all those tie ins. When do I start reading cry for justice for example?


first up,
The Golden age stories.

Here’s a useful list
Action Comics #1-6
Superman #1-6
Detective Comics #27-38
Batman #1
Ever wondered how superman cuts his hair? Here is a fun little story.
Here is Lex Luthor’s first appearance
Some Jay Garrick
Want to know more about others?
some Alan Scott
All-Star comics #1-10
Sensation Comics #1-7
All-Star Comics #11-15

I will add more later

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Honestly, if you know the outcome of cry for justice then never read it. It’s so overly edgy and boring and all it does is tear down characters and hurt them for no reason.

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But don’t I need to read it to understand what’s going on in the DC Universe at that time? Considering I’m also reading justice league, Batman and all the series related to him, green lantern and green arrow?

I mean, if you know the general outcome, it’ll save you a lot of wasted time and energy. The book is terrible, and most other series don’t outright connect except for rise of arsenal and titans.

It’s not “essential reading.” You can read it if you want I guess, I’m just giving you a fair warning.

Well there is the 2 green arrow Books and arsenal books that somehow tie into that story.

The problem with reading digitals And omnis is that they leave out that last page and ads that are in the issues. Those promos and last pages usually tell you what’s going on in the universe at that time and what to read as well as tie ins.

Example I may be reading justice league and not know that there is some event going on in a miniseries or a new series started that I should read to better what’s going on in other series. Then there are important stories that happen in other series that effect other character and team series. Because I’m reading digital I won’t know that I should have read that first and end up getting spoiled because of the after effects.

I’ve read most everything that relates to cry for justice and the only book that’s directly affected is Titans. Green Arrow is more affected by brightest day, and Justice League of America barely mentions it before the team switch.

In my opinion, Cry for Justice is the absolute worst story I’ve ever read. You can read it for yourself and form your own opinions, I was just trying to give you a fair warning before you start. Sorry for getting the thread so off topic.

I believe Blackest Night is before Cry for Justice and Brightest Day comes after it, based on tie in issues in Justice league of america.

Funny enough, I just started working on an excel sheet this week. I am planning to update it to google docs as I go along.

Right now it has:
Action Comics
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen
Detective Comics
World’s Finest (in progress)
Sensation Comics
Wonder Woman (1942)
Flash Comics (1940)
Green Lanter (1940)
Plastic Man (1943)
All American Comics (1940)
More Fun Comics
Comics Cavalcade
Big All-American Comic Book
Adventure Comics
NY Worlds Fair (1940)
Christmas Specials

A couple of notes:

  1. I am mostly using the publish dates that DCU has for issues. It appears to me that there are SEVERAL cases where the dates DCU has are clearly wrong and if I can assume that the titles fit together in a particular time frame I am making my best guess.

  2. Prior to ~1980, most titles all are listed as releasing on the first Tues/Wed of the month. It isn’t until after this point that the titles are correctly dated for weekly releases. Rather than have 52 rows for each year, I have been only tagging each issue by month. If there appear to have been multiple issue of a single title released each month, only then have I expanded the row.

  3. Sometime in and around ~1998, there was a shift in how the titles are dated. Prior to this, the dates correspond with issue dating, after this it appears the normal ~1-2 month post dating of publishing is applied to the dates, so there is a weird period where some titles overlap.

4 Since this is a large project, if have been able to establish a pattern of reliability in elease schedule for certain time periods, I have assumed that it continues until I encounter an aberration. If that means I have introduced an error on a release date, please feel free to let me know.

  1. I am working on this slowly, so I cannot guess when I will be done with this project.

Thanks, how far are you? Because right now I just got done with final crisis and I I’ll be working my way up with new 52.

Yea I have heard bad things about the story but I’m also the kind of person who likes understanding the complete story which means I’ll need to read it.