help me find issues for Bruce Wayne murderer and Gods Among us

Dear folks, I am new to this so bear with me, please. I am trying to find issues that resolve the Bruce Wayne murderer /fugitive series but the trail runs out for me. Also, can’t find the issue(s) that lead to Superman being stopped in Gods Among Us. For me I get through Year 2, then suddenly Superman is imprisoned. But I can’t seem to find issues that show how the Batman alliance gets to that point. Anyone know which issues I am looking for or how I can look this up? I I have looked up each issue cued by the comic book itself, but I must be missing something. Thank you

I don’t know about the Superman story but here is one suggested read order for the Batman one. You might find others around the web, sometimes people don’t agree, and I can’t remember if there was an “official” checklist for it or not.

Bruce Wayne: Murderer?:

Prelude: Batman: The 10-Cent Adventure
Part 1: Detective Comics #766
Part 2: Batgirl #24
Part 3: Nightwing #65
Part 4: Batman: Gotham Knights #25
Part 5: Birds of Prey #39
Part 6: Robin #98
Part 7: Batman #599
Part 8: Detective Comics #767
Part 9: Nightwing #66
Part 10: Batman: Gotham Knights #26
Part 11: Robin #99
Part 12: Birds of Prey #40

Bruce Wayne: Fugitive:

Part 1: Batman #600
Part 2: Detective Comics #768 (not part of Fugitive, but part of Purity only in DC magazine, and included in #Collected editions)
Part 3: Birds of Prey #41
Part 4: Batman: Gotham Knights #27 (not part of Fugitive, but included in #Collected editions)
Part 5: Batman #601
Part 6: Detective Comics #769
Part 7: Batgirl #27
Part 8: Nightwing #68
Part 9: Batman: Gotham Knights #28
Part 10: Detective Comics #770
Part 11: Nightwing #69
Part 12: Birds of Prey #43
Part 13: Batman #603
Part 14: Detective Comics #771
Part 15: Batgirl #29
Part 16: Batman: Gotham Knights #30
Part 17: Azrael: Agent of the Bat #91 (not included in #Collected editions)
Part 18: Detective Comics #772
Part 19: Batman: Gotham Knights #31
Part 20: Batman #605

Aftermath of Fugitive:

Part 1: Detective Comics #773
Part 2: Detective Comics #774
Part 3: Detective Comics #775
Part 4: Batman #606
Part 5: Batman #607
Part 6: Batgirl #33


Pretty sure they didn’t upload the latter half of Fugitive from Birds of Prey #43 on. No idea why. I’ve told the mods about it a couple times, so it’ll presumably be fixed or not if and when they get around to it. If you’re OK not reading the end of the story or picking it up on Comixology or something, they do have up through Nightwing #69.

Thank you so much! I will try to pick up Fugitive where I lost track.

BatJamags, you’re right. Nothing after Nightwing #69. It’s like starting GOT or Harry Potter . Had I known I would not have started the series.

The app only has injustice year one and two right now. I’m pretty sure it goes up to year 5 then injustice 2 comes after. Once I got past year two I had to start reading the rest on some sketchy site.

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