Help IDing cover artist! Batman Adventures #35

So, I’ve been reading Batman Adventures from the beginning recently and realized that vol. 4 seems to be unavailable as single issues. The collection is available on comiXology, but if I’m going to buy something, I’m going to get the physical copy.

Anyways, I’ve almost gotten to the end of the book when I turned the page to find the cover for issue #35. It’s beautiful. There is no signature on the art and the cover isn’t listed in the credits.

My question is: could this cover be by the late Darwyn Cooke?

I know he worked on the animation side at the time, but it just looks so similar to his style and really stands out. I’ve searched online, but can not find any credit for the art!

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It was actually The Late Mike Parobeck who was responsible for the Batman Adventures covers.
(I’m actually not sure Cooke had joined DC by that time yet.) Batman Adventures was the first of the series that focused on the Timmverse.
Parobeck’s other work included the Justice Society of America in 1991-92, El Diablo in the late 80’s-early 90s as well as the already mentioned Batman Adventures which also featured art by Ty Templeton and others.


Oh I’m aware that Mike Parobeck and Rick Burchett were responsible for most of the covers and interior artwork, this just doesn’t look like either of their work on the book to me.

I love Parobeck and even have his Impact! The Fly series.

I hope one day Cooke’s first work for DC gets added to DCU. I’ve got the issue(New Talent Showcase #19) but don’t want to have to dig for it!

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