Heart of a Hero: Matt Bomer Takes on His Third DC Role in Justice Society: WWII

With his rugged warmth, unforgettable charm and All-American good looks, Matt Bomer was born to play a superhero. And he has. Three different times, in fact. Though if that had somehow escaped your notice, no one could blame you. Of the three roles, only one has actually involved his face and only part-time at that.

With his new film now in stores, we thought it was high time we sat down with Bomer for a chat about his various superhero roles, and how Justice Society: World War II fits beside his other two DC projects.

For more info on Justice Society: World War II:

To read the full interview and learn more about Matt Bomer, who’s becoming a DC regular at this point, head on over to DC Comics!

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Love seeing more of Bomer in DC! He’s been amazing as Larry on Doom Patrol and he was also solid as Flash here. Maybe a DCEU role is next?


Thanks for making this post, the trailer looks awesome.


I am a fan of Matt Bomer. I remember him from White Collar. Outside of DC that is. I’ve enjoyed the various parts he’s played. with emphases on Doom Patrol. He portrays a very sympathetic role. With his up coming Flash, role, I think we’ll see more good things from him in his voice acting.
Oh, and I enjoyed the trailer.