Hawd and Dove series?

What do y’all think? I really enjoyed the episodes of Titans with them in it, although it’s this last ones placement slowed the overall narrative momentum down. Regardless, it was a great episode, and I think I’d like to see more of the duo.


*although this last ones placement…

I would like to see it. Dove is freaking hot and a badass

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I want this series!

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I’ve known these characters for a while there’s definitely enough to make a show from. Hawk is the avatar of war & Dove obviously peace. But they could start with his brother, the original Don Granger, & move to Dawn Granger cuz there’s plenty of content to start a show with those storylines. Plus, any excuse to see more of Minka Kelly I’m already sold.

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I would love to see more of them!

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That would be so great. The actors are doing a stellar job, and would love to see more. Perfect chemistry!
Get on this DC!

Also another interesting thing to note, as much as I LOVE seeing any of the DC characters on the big screen, being able to have a story unfold over the course of episodes rather than 2.5 hours has really helped audiences connect with and appreciate these stories better. So yeah, more shows and more episodes!

I thought Hank and Dawn have been much more interesting than Dick and Kory. So I’d definitely be interested in a spin-off.

Yes indeed! They should absolutely green light a Hawk and Dove series, episode #9 solidified that for me! You have a star in Minka Kelley the guy who plays Hawk I think is perfectly cast.

I’d support it!

I vote Yes! Hawk and Dove in the Fall please.

I totally agree that we need a Hawk and Dove series!

Yes please

Yes!!! I’m in love with them thanks to Titans

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