Have you ever thought about.....

Being the villain? I work in retail and being a Flash fan I can honestly say there are days when I want to “Reverse-Flash” some of the customers I come across on a day to day basis.
So here’s a chance for all my fellow DC fans too vent. who is the DC Villain you’d emulate if you had the chance to explore your darker side?


Yes lol All the time!

I don’t know who I’d emulate… maybe Darkseid or Livewire.


I think most of us have at some point or another.

I’ve always wanted to be the villain and you could actually say I am currently without going into much detail :wink:

Lol Foxy

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@gibby what?

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Ohhh nevermind, I thought the person above me was you lmao

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@gibby lmao

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I love this thread.

I like the idea of being a smalltime villain with smalltime powers.

I think it would be a dream come true if my power was the ability to delete any social networking account.

No more presidential tweets. No more people posting selfies of themselves doing the duck-face at their parents’ funeral. No more creepy dudes on dating apps. It doesn’t seem so smalltime now that I think of it… but the world would be saved.

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I would have to say Joker! I’d love to just hurt some a**holes that constantly frustrate me!

Well, if you are working retail, those thoughts make you more of an anti-hero than a villain.

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If I’m a villain I want to be the master manipulator who the hero is convinced is rotten but the public still respects. Call me MSG Luthor.

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I dream of being Alexander Joseph Luthor in my sleep lol i posted a thread a couple of weeks ago on how i like villains more than heroes for this exact reason.


So you are the anti-free speech villain.

I’d be the villain to your villain, The Offender. Stealing from you and putting it all back.

The Offenders creed: Offend at least one person a day, because you meet at least on person a day that needs offending.

The 1st amendment is the right to offend, not the right to keep from being offended.

(Let us protect the speech we find most vile. If we don’t, somebody will come along and apply their villainy to the speech you or I or person X, care about.)

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During my movie theater days, I had multiple fairly villainous thoughts about people who made childish complaints about popcorn.

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I don’t know, maybe Validus. He’s child-like and gets to blow crap up.

Vandal Savage, or Lex Luthor. I love the big behind the scenes puppeteer sort of vilian, not your everyday bank robber or homicidal maniac. I like the vilian who knows where to place those types for the best results

Im brain dead today I couldn’t figure out how to spell villain still looks wrong

Why, I’d be myself, of course! I’d cover a good portion of this beautiful planet with plants again and teach people to live in harmony with them…through whatever means necessary. I mean, sometimes something as simple as a perfect flower can “speak” volumes to someone. :wink:


For a while, I have been nonsupered “vibrating” my hand like Reverse Flash. I am sure I have tried to emulate other villains, but RF is the mode.