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Personally, I’ve read every issue from the first series from about 100 onward-- yep, even the Detroit years-- and most if not all of the first 99-- the post Crisis runs, the post Infinite Crisis run, but in some ways I’m a little behind on the New 52 and Rebirth eras, and I’m a little behind on the current book, a lot behind on Justice League Dark, but caught up on Odyssey.

I started with Justice League Spectacular just after the Giffen/DeMatteis years and I went back and collected that era as I was reading everything forward I’ve since gone back and collected as much of the Satellite years aa possible as well as the archives. My favorite era of all of it is the Giffen/deMatteis era.

It’s complicated. I have read many individual volumes and issues but I don’t know off the top of my head if I read all of it. I have it on my reading list, just to check, but I’d rather read something new first (and I prioritize Batman and Co over JLA). This app has opened up a lot of new so it’s pretty far down the list, unfortunately. Before this app, I read comics as I found them at my local bookstore and library (go to the library kids!) so I didn’t read many as complete sets.

I’ve only read a few issues here and there but I do really enjoy it. -C